Thursday, March 22, 2012

Silky Silk Road to Vermillion

Does that make it a Red Silk Road? Not Sure.

I was in Vermillion the other day and I forced our USD college attending son to go to dinner with my wife and I as he is a college student and you know they are reluctant to eat. No wait that is not true perhaps it's reluctant company. No wait yeah. We decided upon the Silk Road Cafe.  The Silk Road Cafe is a few doors down from Chae's. Chae's was previously owned by the folks behind Silk Road Cafe if I am not mistaken. I am not.

We popped in on a Maki Roll night. They do Maki Rolls on Fri - Sat in the evenings.   We sat down and since none of us was overwhelmingly hungry we did a few appetizers and split a dinner.

I ordered several Maki Rolls as I had been wanting to try  Silk Road's version of them for a while now but I just never happen to be in Vermillion for Friday/Saturday night(recently anyways, there was a time). I was quickly disappointed  as the server came back and told me that they did not have any left. To be honest I was perplexed a bit too. Not sure how you are out when in most cases those there rolls are supposed to be made to order yes? Its ok et al, I guess they prepare a limited number of rolls ahead of time and when they are out they are out. We also ordered the tempura, shrimp spring rolls and edamame appetizers. I did try to order iced green tea and that did not go over so I had to settle for the brewed regular type iced tea which was just fine. No issues.  For the dinner to be split I ordered a Scallops with a Tamarind Chili Sauce.

In an about face and suprise, our server came back to inform us that apparently there were two rolls left so I snapped them up right away. Teriyaki Salmon and a Peanut  roll.  They were promptly brought out with the spring rolls and tempura. It was a pretty good feast. The tempura was top notch, some of the best I have had and my wife thought it was certainly great.  The spring roll was good as well. The Maki Rolls (so i don't know why I keep capitalizing them but what the hell) were a mix. I actually loved the peanut roll and seriously I thought if I had had some jelly I would have put it on it. It was a good roll. The teriyaki roll was not a favorite of mine but I don't think you can have super successful rolls unless you do them fresh right then and there. Even an hour or two in the fridge gives them that grocery store case taint.  I am not saying Silk Road were on par with grocery store sushi, cause I really like the peanut roll. I just am saying there is a need to do these fresh for every order.  I am serious I would have put some nice jelly on that peanut roll. :)

A quick note about sauces. They do good sauces as well. some on the table some in the back. My favorite by far is a hot chili sauce they bring out if you ask. Good Stuff. The hot mustard gave my wife a nice spicy suprise, why she even had to get a lemonade to recover after that sauce. I loved it.

The Scallops with Tamarind Chili Sauce was excellent as well. Silk Road has alway had very good ethnic fare and they cross the occidental universe on their menu, encompassing Korean, Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Executed very well and they are consistent.

The atmosphere is nice as well a mix of high and low tables, gives it a funky comfortable feel and done up in plenty of wood for warmth. Prices are fare with typical entrees in the $10 - $15 dollars.  We ended up spending around $50 dollars for 3 drinks, 2 appetizers (they never did bring the edamame ), 2 rolls and an entree.


Silk Road on Urbanspoon

Silk Road Cafe
12 W. Main St.

Vermillion, SD 57069
(605) 658-1923

Monday - Saturday:
  • 11am - 2pm (buffet) 
  • 11am - 3pm (lunch)
  •   3pm - 9pm (dinner)

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