Friday, November 11, 2011

Pescatore for you Calabriese

Back in Hilo, Hi for a quick visit. Had the chance to stop in to Pescatore with some family and some friends. It is a very small little restaurant but then in Hilo you don't find any really big or spacious restaurants anyway. Even for Hilo though it is pretty small, though not the smallest by far.

We were just looking for a nice place to eat as our friend Kristi was heading back to the mainland later that evening. The event was kind of a send off and a wrap up of the vacation part of the trip.  I am glad we ended up at Pescatore.

The Decor was definitley old style dining room complete with knock off Manet's, Da Vinci's and Van Gogh's hanging on the wall.  Pretty formal really, we weren't but that didn't bother the staff.  The staff were friendly and nice. We asked the girl filling our waters what the special was and we got a funny response. Basically she said she could not tell us what the specials were because the server had to. I get it but it was like I should have known not to ask. Perhaps I should have. The funny thing was that the waitress was within ear shot and could have chimed right in but she waited until the water was poured before officially approaching the table. I don't know why but I thought that was funny too.

My son was not very hungry so he ordered the Calamari Fritti for his meal along with a cup of soup. French Onion I think .  My wife and I split the special, an oven baked ahi  in a alfredo and marina sauce mix served with a side of penne. Kristi had the Gamberetti Alla Alfredo.  Salads were fresh and the french onion soup was good no complaints. When they served us they actually were kind enough to split the meal between me and my wife. Mine was even bigger. They know me?  The sauces were good and the taste of the tuna filet with the sauce and I added the penne was very good. My only complaint was that the Ahi was over cooked. It was almost a medium with very little pink. Still quite good. Kristi says her dish was excellent and it did look that way. Nice sized shrimp in butter, garlic, basil never fails or at least rarely does.  So saving the Calamari for last.

Hands down, the best calamari ever. It was cooked perfectly! Perfectly.  they were large solid strips of calamari. Huge really for squid.  You know the shows on the food channel's were the judges are always saying they know how fish should taste and when someone gets it right they go nuts and laude them. Well this calamari was like that.  Really very nicely done. If you go for anything go for that. I can't speak to their consistency but if they get that dish right every time like that they could be famous just for that one.

Prices were pretty inline for Hilo we ate pretty light with no drinks and we got out of there for just under 70$ with the Tip. Not bad for what could be a special occasion if your out and about celebrating something.  One note is that the bathroom was funky and didn't have a light (or it didn't turn on when I was there) so good luck aiming. :) Overall though go try it out and have some good food.

It's a so delish a ev'rybody come copisha!


235 Keawe St Map 
HiloHI 96720

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